Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hope Springs Eternal

I've gotten a lot of requests from the voices in my head inquiring about the status of the triplets and I just want to assure all of you that they are actually doing fine!

There were some concerns early on; all of the original blooms died and fell off and that's when I decided that I would just leave it in Mother Nature's hands, helping out with an occasional lackluster watering if the soil looked particularly dry, but I wasn't going to stress about it anymore.

And then I walked outside about a week ago and saw this:

Could it...could it be?  Like one little sad purple wonky angel on top of a Christmas tree, there was a bloom.  (Incidentally, this is also when I decided on their names.  The one in the middle is Angel, natch).

And then this morning, it looked like Spike couldn't have Angel stealing all his thunder, so he stepped up his game.

Oh, yeah!  We are in business.  Buffy (on the left) is a petite little thing, but she does have new buds, so here's hoping she'll catch up with the other two and we'll be on our way to a magnificent display of purplosity.

Once these three get going, I may be trusted to begin the transformation of my water garden, which I hope will also be spectacular.

And don't even bother to ask about the seed trays.  They did not fair so well.  I never claimed to be a patient gardener; I'm more of the make-minimal-effort-expect-immediate-results kind.

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