Tuesday, May 22, 2012

If You A Fly Gal Get Your Nails Done

So, after weeks and months of not being able to afford this luxury, I finally got my nails did today!



And although they are an obvious improvement (anything short of missing fingers would have been an improvement), I am not happy with the results. I mean, wtf?  Did the manicurist see me sitting across the table from her and think, "She is short, stubby and square! I will give her nails to match!" (" ấy ngắn, mập và hình vuông!Tôi sẽ cho móng tay của cô để phù hợp với!") Because that is NOT what I was looking for in the least.

But what I find more frustrating is my own reaction, or, lack of, more accurately, to the situation.  At no time did I speak up and say "I'd like more of an oval shape, please."  I sat there while she filed thinking that at any time she was going to round off the tips, keeping hope even up to the point where I was washing my hands and waiting for the polish.

And that pisses me off.  Why the fuck didn't I, the consumer, request what I wanted?  What I was paying for.  I could have done it very nicely, as in the example before, but no.  ANY kind of confrontation, uncomfortable situation, chance of argument, is to be avoided at any cost.  That is one part of my personality that I am totally conflicted about because on the one hand, I like being nice.  I don't want to be the reason that anyone feels bad, or has a bad day, because I know how I feel when the situations are reversed, and I'm doing my best to deliver awesome customer service, and am met with rudeness for the point of being rude.  It seriously ruins my life, and I never let that shit go.  Ever.

On the other hand, I avoid confrontation to the point that it is actually detrimental, and I will avoid actually handling situations, or taking care of necessary business in order to avoid a possible conflict, and this often times makes the situation THAT much worse and it blow it up into THAT MUCH MORE of a situation than it ever had to be had I just had the balls to speak up.

Or I get stuck paying $25 for nails that I stare at in hatred knowing that I'm going to be stuck with them for at least three weeks, and wonder how odd it would be to wear gloves in summer.

There has to be a happy medium somewhere, and there is.  I don't have to be the Rottenator, who takes an active pleasure in being confrontational and argumentative because he enjoys the conflict and the reaction he gets, and honestly doesn't give a fuck what people who don't know him think about him.  However, I also don't have to be the pushover who will actually apologize to some rude old bitch who runs me over with their shopping cart and acts like it's my fault that I exist on this planet and how dare I happen to be in line in front of her.

So, that's my resolve.  I'm 40 fucking years old, I don't have to go around apologizing to everyone for shit that isn't my fault.  And neither do I have to be the fucking old heifer that I secretly want to trip so she'll fall over her shopping cart and break an arthritic hip while I laugh inwardly and prance off on my calcium enriched bones.

I shall find the perfect mix of passive aggressiveness.

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  1. This post had me laughing until tears came out of my eyes. Oh, you and I are going to get along splendidly!

    "Cô ấy là ngắn, mập và hình vuông!Tôi sẽ cho móng tay của cô để phù hợp với! Bwhahahahahahaha


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