Thursday, May 23, 2013

Oh Canada!

I have to say I am fascinated by this entire story:

Because, and I do apologize ahead of time to my Canadian readers (Birdie, I'm SO sorry), but seriously: Canadians:  you're kinda like us!

At least, some of your politicians are.

And I think that ours may just have better representation.

You can read the whole ongoing saga here

I am not political, but sometimes I have to say, I do get a bit tired of hearing about how America is a cesspool of violence and corruption when it seems that other countries maybe, just maybe, might be experiencing similar issues?

Another case in point from another country that quite frankly, I adore:

This happened in England.  And it is indeed horrific.

Evil is evil.  And it happens everywhere.

Meanwhile, circling back to me.  I think I failed the first half of my stupid "keep your job" test.  Whatever.  I am in a funk right now that I'm desperately trying to climb out of, so it's just another disappointment.

Blah.  To end on a happy note, did you know that "cat bearding" was a thing?  It's so adorable.

 I want to try it out with the Nooge.  Hopefully soon I'll have a successful pic with minimal damage.

In the meantime, my Mood Ring(tone) Of The Day:


  1. Rob Ford is a waste of space so there no apologies are needed. Why he was ever elected in the first place is beyond me. A disgusting Canadian.


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