Saturday, May 4, 2013

I Don't Get It...

I mean, I get the controversy, okay, whatever, there's always controversy, but the ad in itself:

Maybe because I didn't see the concept from the very beginning, but still and all...I don't get it.

I'm normally not an easily offended person, but I find this ad disturbing....highly disturbing and not at all humorous...but perhaps it's because it's advertising a soft drink that I find offensive in itself.

And speaking of offensive...

The Rottenator and I are quarreling because I desperately need new summer clothes and his laughably $40 budget for a new wardrobe just wasn't going to cut it, so when he saw my $75 Wal-Mart order of, check it, 3 skirts, and 2 shirts, he had issues.

Just wait until he finds out I'm not even done yet.  AND the fact that I'm even buying clothes from Wal-Mart sends me into all sorts of conflicting levels of rage.  I hate this store and everything it stands for on so many levels.  I don't even want to talk about it.

OH, and so my sister and brother-in-law are down at my mother's beach house this weekend, and my brother-in-law (God Bless him) took it upon himself to put together some of the beach furniture that the Rottenator & I couldn't get done in one weekend.

My thoughts: that is freakin' awesome, less work for us, yay!  The Rottenator's thoughts:

"So...even though I didn't want to do it, I would have done it, but now it's been done, and so now I look like I'm not handy,and I never claimed to be handy around the house so I use that as an excuse to not pick up pine-cones in the yard or properly replace glass panels in our kitchen windows that our stupid cat knocked out on his quest to escape this torture chamber and attack every living creature that existed on this planet."

I have my own low self-esteem to deal with without coddling the ego of an almost 30 year old man.  My immediate reaction: "Stop being so defensive and suck it the fuck up and start performing manly duties around the house so you don't look like such a pussy when your 'woman' is actually the handy-man in the relationship."

You should be fucking embarrassed.  Man the Fuck Up.  And don't give me your arguments about sexism, or anything like that.  If I'm the one who is cleaning and cooking and making the house look pretty, your ass better be the one changing lightbulbs and checking the air pressure on car tires.

I'm just saying...

The Alabama duct tape is not a "nailed it" situation, let's go ahead and get this taken care of, mmmkay?  Because I'm two seconds away from calling a professional handyman to take care of all of the little chores around this house, male ego be damned!

My Mood Ring(tone) of the Day:


  1. Who is the Rottenator? I think your mood song should be more like Lilly Allen's "Fuck YOU"!

  2. @Riot Kitty omg I completely forgot about Lily Allen, thank you! But am I showing my age when I admit that every time I hear that song all I can think about is the Carpenters "Close To You"? There! I've just ruined it for you, too ;-)

  3. Engaged. To the rottenator? Right. OK. Sounds to me like a nice long talk is in order. Oh and by the way, coddling his ego didn't help either. I should have been coddling my own.

  4. Strangely, we saw a new Mountain Dew (sugar free) ad here today and it's a guy doing a sort of bungee jump where he smacks into a balloon full of the stuff. I think it's supposed to show how refreshing it is!


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