Saturday, April 27, 2013

My Three Favorite New Shows

In lieu of an actual interesting post wherein I detail the fabulosity of my life (ha!), I've decided to provide a brief recap of shows that I'm currently watching that are not, surprise, all reality shows. Because I think it's a good thing to embrace shows that still show a little bit of originality, a little bit of a story-line and a little bit of, dare I say it, drama!

  1. Scandal. No, seriously, watch this show.  I is very rare that a show catches my attention from the very first episode (in fact I think Buffy was the last pilot that I fully enjoyed) but this one did. It is THAT good! And I'm not even a fan of politics, but this GOD, I love every character on it.  Which is saying a lot, because there is always at least one character on every show that I want dead and buried, but not in this case. In fact, I don't even hate this guy:
He is that damn good as the president. Dammit, I've said too much!  Just watch it; you can catch the first season on Netflix, and the second on Hulu.  And I'm gonna need all of you to catch up on it so we have stuff to discuss.

2.  Elementary My mother turned me onto this show.  And it stars a guy that I've long adored, even back before he got crazy and married Angelina Jolie; back when he was just a Scottish junkie. Not Obi-Wan, the other guy...

He stars as Sherlock Holmes.  He's like a sexy British Monk.  He is awesomesauce.

3.  The Vampire Diaries/The Originals

Hear me out: there is no more Buffy, so I must seek out the vampires where I can; plus, Twilight just doesn't cut it. Plus, TVD is filmed in Atlanta, so I get to point at the TV and say, "Hey, I've BEEN there!" when they show all of the different neighborhoods.  My sister and I are planning a stalking trip at some point to meet the cast. I am a celebrity stalking professional, btw. But in a sweet non-obtrusive way.  Not in a throw my pubic hair in your face way. Poor Wolverine.

Plus, Damon and Klaus are damn hot. 'Nuff said.

What are you watching?  I'm always up for new suggestions because until the return of some incarnation of Top Chef, there's a hole in my DVR that needs filling.

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  1. Only watching movies and BBC series on Netflix. Occasionally catching New Tricks, I am hooked!

  2. Elementary. Oh yes. Johnny Lee Miller. Sex on legs.

  3. Walking Dead and Downton Abby so as you can imagine I'm just flipping the channel repeatedly in a hopeless stupor.


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