Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What's New, Pussycat?

So, this happened:

Luckily, I did indeed pass my own work test, so I can relax now for about six weeks until the next one...whatever, but it's over.

Speaking of work, my new BFF work buddy Meryl* is also a smoker, but has started the transition to E-cigs and she let me test smoke one of hers for a few days and let me just say...I really love it.
It's semi-stylish, and it gets the job done.  A quick little nicotine buzz without all the nasty smell, smoke, and carcinogenics, just as bad (good?) for you as a diet cherry pepsi...which I am also trying to phase out in the form of water.

Soon, I will have no more vices...with the exception of peanut butter & jelly ice cream.

So, my sister has introduced me to MyFitnessPal which I'm going to give a try; it's a free calorie and exercise tracker so I hope to lose this extra 30-40lbs before my regaining gets out of control.  It seems reasonable enough; now all I have to do is really get serious about counting my calories and doing something about this because I'm really getting angry with myself.  I've been eating so much, and so often, I've almost forgotten what it's like to feel really hungry.  I'm more accustomed to what it feels like to be uncomfortably full, which is certainly not healthy.

You know what's also not healthy?  Cats on kitchen counters.

Oh, hai, welcome to Kitty Yoga!   

Let me just clean up a bit first then we'll get started!
The Rottenator is already talking about having second thoughts about the "snip snip".  I, however, am counting the days.  I wonder if they offer a two-for-one deal (or would it be considered four-for-two?)

*not her real name, but she's as fabulous and dramatic as a young Meryl Streep, so that's how I shall refer to her.

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  1. Why oh why is he having second thoughts??? I know boys have to stick together or whatever, but not spaying a male cat is just setting you up for a house that smells like cat piss.


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