Sunday, July 8, 2012

Oh hey, Aunt Flo, how have you been?

Let's just go ahead and file this post under TMI, mmmkay?

So, yeah, while I'm still convinced that I'm suffering from the early onset of Alzheimer's Perimenopause, I did have a surprise visitor this past holiday which was a not so much a pleasure as it was a relief.  The main reason I'm documenting this is so that I'll be able to accurately track my monthly cycles, because unlike when I was younger and could pinpoint my body's timeclock to the millisecond (every 28 days right on cue), now these visits are few and far between and I'm in that weird stage of "is this menopause or am I pregnant?"  Kinda like Blanche Devereaux from the Golden Girls.

And the fact that I'm even referencing the Golden Girls makes it pretty obvious to me which one it probably is.

In any event, as is often the case, this was really inconvenient timing on my body's part because I actually got to have a date night with the Rottenator this past Friday which in itself is a miracle (not unlike the miracle of childbirth, which is also painful and only occurs every 9 months).

We went to eat at Carrabba's which was fantastic, and saw the movie Brave, which was also enjoyable; surprisingly enough the Rottenator didn't hate it too much either.  And he let me refer to it as our "date night" which is something he NEVER does because in his mind "we're way past the dating stage".

Really?  Huh...cuz my thinking is that with a few more date nights and a bit more help around the house, perhaps I wouldn't be so fucking exhausted all the time and I would actually feel like going through the motions of practicing that people usually do in order to have a baby, and that might not be an issue that much longer anyway, so WTF, stop sitting on your ass playing online football all the time and perhaps get up and change a lightbulb for Christ's sake if you want a piece of this!

But I digress.  What I mean to say is that it's truly amazing the difference having two full-time incomes makes in determining someone's frame of mind.  Yeah, I know that money is not supposed to buy happiness, but NOT having money is a sure fire way to ensure a ton of stress and strain on an already volatile relationship, lemme tell ya.

Bottom line:  things are going very well for us right now, and I do thank the higher powers for that every day and I am appreciative and grateful even though I tend to bitch about everything.  But I wouldn't be me if I wasn't a bitch.

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  1. You know the one I always remember? Rose says something about girls who shave above the knees are sluts. I think about that every time I shave my legs.

    Holy Shit, I found the clip.

    The Golden Girls- still relevant after all these years.


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