Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Shades of Ginger

"Come hither, Woman."

"What did we say about you on the bed?  Get down!"

"Why can't you be more like Him?  Him carries me in here and places me me gently on the pillow so I don't lose a claw in the mattress as I'm climbing up the side."

"If it were up to me, you'd lose all of your claws when you lose two other unnecessary things in a few weeks.  Snip snip!"

"What are these these 'things' and this 'snip snip' that you speak of?"

"Nevermind.  Bed...You...Off...Now!"


"No buts.  In fact, it's because I'm tired of waking up with fuzzy butts in my face that I demand you sleep somewhere else.  Go!"

"God Dammit.  Just promise not to qwop it up."

"I promise nothing."

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  1. I would bet that as I type this that cat is on your bed.

    Cats are evil. Everyone of them. Except my old cat Harriet. She was nice.

    LOL @ qwop!


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