Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pinterest Fail

I believe my undying love for Pinterest has been well documented on these pages, but I have to say that all is not perfect in Pinterest world.

Thus, I have decided to create a Pinterest Fail "board" if you will, but to keep from embarrassing my fellow pinners (and avoid potentially awkward and confrontational emails and un-followings) I'm going to post them here on my blog so I can feel free to criticize and ridicule at will.  I've also removed the hapless pinners to protect the innocent, and just added the images to this post, but rumor has it if you save the pic and drop it into google images, you can find the link to the original source, but I'll leave that to you if you so feel the need to investigate further...and in some cases, like below, the URL is listed on the image, so if the original creator is that proud of their project...good for them.

The first entry was the first fail I discovered, which is "DIY Flip Flops":

Okay, seriously?  Just pay the $1.00 at the retail store of your choice and buy some damn flip flops already instead of spending the time and additional $ to create your own.  In fact, don't you have to buy flip flop bottoms already in order to make new ones?  And if you don't like them and they're uncomfortable...THEY WERE A FREAKIN' DOLLAR and you're just going to lose them or they're going to break, or get funky, so you'll end up buying a new pair anyway without wasting your time and effort.

**(Side note, I was also going to comment on the fact that you should get your damn toes done and find a model without cankles to show off your new creation but my sister informed me that these were baby feet so I'll take that criticism back.  However, my point is still valid.)**

Next up, lemons injected with food coloring, which hapless pinners enthusiastically claim they "Must DO THIS, OMG IT'S SO PRETTY, BEST THING EVER, WAY COOL!!!!"

I must admit, I was momentarily sucked in for a minute...if that were indeed the ending result, that would be cool as shit.  But my BS meter went off soon after, and I was all like, "Hmm...Photoshop much?  How would one really go about doing this and having the lemons turn out so flawlessly and evenly colored?"

Luckily, while looking for a step by step tutorial on the above, I happened upon (see google image tip in previous paragraph) another like-minded individual who, indeed, decided to embark on this experiment herself.  I believe her post says it all:

An art blog gets a lemon. She makes lemon art… badly

Incidentally, I love the way this chick writes.  She's hilarious.

Those are this week's Pinterest fails.  Stay tuned for what I'm sure will be new and exciting entries.

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