Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Stupid Weather

So...hey there, Mother Nature, so, like, do you have it in for my sickly Tulip tree in particular (because it's all about me, remember, yeah, you probably get that by now) or do you just hate SC in general?  Because we had all of TWO days of cold weather, and poor little barely blooming masterpiece was destroyed, and now all the pretty little blossoms look like the above.  Sad sight, really.  My chlamydia did take a beating as well...wait, is that right?  Chlamydia?  Or am I thinking of something else?  Oh, right, Camelias.  That other thing is something I would definitely be okay with you killing, not that I have it.  No, seriously, I don't.  Jokes, people.

Moving on, Goddess of the Earth, are are you going to stick around to kill the azaleas, too?  I wouldn't mind that, actually, because that is the one plant on the planet that sends my allergies into overdrive and leaves me in a snotty miserable state, so go ahead, zap away. But leave the peaches alone.

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