Sunday, February 12, 2012

Death + Celebrity = Instant Sainthood

Really, people?  And by people, I mean all of you guys on Facebook.  Just because some washed up, let's face it, crack-addicted has-been dies, she's a martyr.  Why?  Because she was given a (in the opinion of some, not including me) voice and could carry a note at one time?  Whitney Houston was a trainwreck.  I couldn't stand her when she was alive, I certainly think no better of her now that she's dead.  Amy Winehouse had a god-given talent too that she wasted, and at the time, everyone was like, "Well, abusing substances like she did, she deserved it."  Well, so did Whitney.  Who also committed the unpardonable sin of pronouncing it "ax" instead of "ask"...repeatedly.

So, let's all take a moment of silence...before watching the video below which confirms the fact that Kathy Griffin is one funny chick.

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  1. Bobbaaaaaaayyyyyy! I agree. The chick was strung out and not relevant for the past decade. Also, they interrupted the Charlie Brown Valentine's special for the announcement, so my kids were none too pleased.


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