Sunday, February 19, 2012

Prophetic Phortune Cookie

Eastern Buffet for dinner.  God, I love that place.  Even more so after tonight.  Despite the poison sushi which made me quite sickly (a rarity, because their sushi is usually quite delicious; I'm putting the blame on my unpredictable digestive system), it was a stellar meal, because I was blessed with not one but two, TWO fortunes in one cookie.

Normally, here is where I would insert a picture of said fortunes.  Unfortunately, they were misplaced on my travel home, which I am also blaming on my illness.  However, I can paraphrase quite nicely:

"Wish upon the first star you see to bring you good luck the next day"


"You will take a chance in the near future and have good luck"

Of course, I'm reading anything and everything into these proverbs as I have a very important interview coming up in a few days which could greatly improve my life, so I'm feeling hopeful.  Of course, with my paranoid and over-analytical nature, I'm also worried that the fact that I lost said fortunes means that everything else is negated and the exact opposite of what was said is going to happen.

It doesn't take a Chinese dessert to tell me that I'm insane.  That I already know.

On another food-related note, I was given a free Starbucks iced caramel macchiato to taste test this morning.  Now, I am not normally (read: hardly ever, more like never) a coffee drinker, but something you will come to learn about me is that I never met a free food that I turned down.  My middle name should be sample.  Honestly, you could serve me shit on a shingle, and I would eat it if it were free.

Point is: I fucking loved that cup of coffee, and highly recommend it to coffee and non-coffee drinkers alike.  It was insanely awesome.  Like me.

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