Saturday, February 18, 2012

I like glass cups and I cannot lie

So, out of the blue (get it? see image above), I realized that I no longer like drinking out of plastic cups.  I hate it, in fact.  This thought struck me today as I was unpacking the last of our kitchen (which is now amazingly clean & tidy, tyvm), and found this monstrosity.

It's the only plastic cup in the house.  Which is amazing, because not even a year ago, I was the girl who would refuse to let go of any fast-food supplied beverage holder, no matter how old, warped, or faded it was.  I would hold onto a Big Gulp until it was cracked and permanently lipstick stained no matter what ("it's still good!")

Maybe it happened on my 40th birthday, I went and got all growed up, high falutin' and elitist.  But I honestly cannot stand plastic kitchenware of any kind.

What's next?  No more buying Diet Cherry Pepsi in plastic two liters?  Ha!  That's just crazy talk...even though I have been thinking about switching to cans.  If I could find it readily supplied in bottles...ah, but those are pipe dreams.  Until then, I'll be perfectly fine with pouring it into my lovely glassware, and sipping it delicately...while fanning myself and discussing poetry and art condescendingly.  Because I'm all fancy and shit.

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