Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Abby Normal

So, finally got my lab results back from the gyno appointment I had last Monday.  Good news: blood work came back fine; thyroid, cholesterol, blood sugar, blah blah blah, all awesomesauce.  However, there seemed to be some concern with my pap smear:

The first words out of the nurse's mouth: "Now, I want you to put all thoughts of cancer out of your head."

Me: "Oh my fucking god, I have cancer."

She assured me that this was more common than one would think; in fact, she's already called three other patients and given them the same news.  Which only means to me: "Great...we are the three out of five that have cervical cancer."

So, I'm due back in on the 16th for a colposcopy (not to be confused with colonoscopy but near about in the same nether regions), and I'm actually okay with this; much better mine frame than one would think because, hey, cancer: it's old news in my family.  Meaning, it runs rampant throughout my relatives both here and in the beyond, so I feel more than prepared to handle any news they give me after the results.  Even though it did concern me a little when I told the nurse I would "see if I could get off from work" on the 16th and she said: "Um...yeah...see what you can do about that."

Hmm...okay...well, done then.

Nothing else to report except that I started watching Homeland and it's SOOO good!  I forgot how much I loved Damian Lewis. The show is brilliant; good summer watching since there's fuck all else on except for Top Chef Masters.

Meanwhile, I'm still planning on going to Dragoncon with my sis and fam, and she has ordered a dress from Lameasaurus on Etsy.

The dress she ordered was this one:

How absolutely adorable is this?  Now to decide...to dress up or not...

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  1. I remember some years ago when I found a lump in one of my boobs and they sent me off to the doc to take a look at it. Don't worry, my friend assured me, only one in 10 cases is serious. And guess how many women were sitting waiting to see the doc? Hm. Of COURSE every one of us thought we were THE ONE.

    I understand totally. And I know it's no good telling you not to worry. Because you will. You do. It's natural. All I can say is that we're here to listen when you have to get the news (good or not-so-good) out of your system after you've been.

    (When I got my results the doc's first words were: "You don't have cancer." I don't remember anything else he said after that. Take a friend with you.)

    Take care - and have a {{{hug}}}.

  2. Yes, pap smears can show all sorts of scary things. I got called back once and it turned out to be nothing. But not thinking and worrying about it? Ha! Worry is what I do.

    I love young Frankenstein!

  3. What a stupid nurse! Hope everything is OK.

  4. OMG Dragoncon?! You lucky, lucky girl!! You HAVE to costume! Last year I covered my face with glitter, ( liquid latex/clear glitter), used a black garbage bag as a cape, darkened my eyebrows, used red lipstick, poufed my hair and went as the stupidest looking Edward Cullen ever. I pouted a lot. Got lots of compliments on the last min. costume, and even though it took hours to remove the glitter/latex, it was so silly it was cool.


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