Thursday, July 4, 2013

Life is Life

Recent summation of the events going on lately:
  1. Rottenator has decided to go back to school to become a radiology technician...aka "radiologic technologist".
  2. My job is still blah.
  3. Happy pills seem to be working...with the exception that I'm feeling a little bit aggressive.  Disclosure: anyone else have any experience with Wellbutrin? Or any suggestions of any happy pills that seem to be working for them? Feel free to message me privately.
  4. I can't get past level 6 of the retro Buffy game that I bought for the Xbox and therefore, I am again boycotting videogames.
  5. One of my work friends is suffering from lupus, and going through chemotherapy and is in daily pain and it makes me realize how ultimately god-awful I am at comforting people.
About #5 up there, well, bottom line, pain and suffering makes me uncomfortable. So I've always taken the role of the court jester.  I'm much better at making someone laugh than commiserating with them in their  pain.  I hope that does not make you think of me as superficial, or not understanding of any their suffering.  Believe me, I do. It's a defense mechanism; I'm working on it. And I really do hope that laughter is the best medicine.

My Mood(ring) Tone of the Day: #1:

My Mood Ring(tone) of the Day #2 (a repeat, but appropriate):

Happy 4th of July!  As you should have probably guessed by this point, I celebrate every holiday there is not so much for the meaning of the holiday as it was originally intended, but more so as the whole festival and spectacular of the whole thing.

And it means that I get a day off from work.  And it also means that people are a little bit happier on this day.  So there you go. Worth a shout out.


  1. Hey. Thanks for commenting to me. A couple of things. My daughter is on Welbutrin and doing great but it does take some time for everything to settle down. If you have some anger you should probably try to learn the reason and work on it. I've been on a daily dose of another one and when I go without I don't do well in the anger dept. Good luck and I'll keep checking on you.

  2. I am good at comforting people but all to often I am way too melancholy. We need a lot of different personalities to make the world go around.

  3. I'm not good at comforting people.

    Love the video to Firework, one of her best I think along with the one that got away.


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