Sunday, August 12, 2012

The current state of my fitness plan...

*sigh* Oh, well.  Tomorrow is another day.

In the meantime, I am enjoying the closing of the Olympic ceremonies.  Rule Britannia!  It was like the soundtrack of my formative years was playing.  My Anglophilia was reborn.

So was my love of one Liam Gallagher.

God how I did and do love that man.

Vast improvement on the hair front.  Would have a pic tonight but as I sit here with a Biore strip across my nose I feel that now is not the appropriate time.

The Rottenator is out of town and though I'm used to being by myself at night, he is usually only five minutes away whereas tonight he is 2.5 hours away so it is a little different.  And the Nooge isn't helping matters; every pop and creak of the house causes him to jump and stare blankly into dark shadows with black eyes which is not the most soothing thing in the world.

So, I'm off to bed while I am still relaxed enough to sleep.  I did get some cleaning done today, as well as my nails, so overall...successful weekend.  We'll just forget about the hot fudge sundae that served as my lunch and roll on.


  1. Plans were made and they failed in my home too. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

  2. I sat up watching the ceremony last night. I guess viewing from the States means it was on at a sensible time. Not in the UK!

    It was well gone midnight by the time I switched off and my alarm goes off at 5.50am so I recognised your comment about being "Miss Pissy of Pissatonia" (over on Birdie's blog) because I am SO TIRED this morning.

    Hello from a very drowsy East Midlands and please excuse me if I snore later. :)


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