Sunday, August 26, 2012


Today is my first day of doing big fat nothing in a long time, so that's what I plan on doing: well, other than this, obviously.

Again, let me mention how happy I am to be home after my hell trip.  Unlike my first work trip away in Texas, this one was god awful.  It has a lot to do with our instructor who was a passive aggressive twat bitch from hell.  I loathe and despise this person.  And I don't loathe and despise a great deal of their face.

That being said, I shall be receiving a new instructor soon and will never have to deal with this individual again...until it's review time.  Then I shall exact my revenge.

So, onto random thoughts I'm having today.

  • If you don't know of this man, you should.

Not only because of the fact that he was one half of the hysterical British comedy duo Fry and Laurie with this brilliantly handsome and talented individual:

but also because he wrote this to a depressed fan.  I find it wonderful.
  • If I had an expense account and unlimited access to all sorts of delectable foods I could quite possibly double my current weight within a month's time.
  • I'm ready for the fall and Halloween.  So is my local grocery store.

  • Piling dirty dishes neatly in a dish drainer does not make them magically clean...I'm looking at you, Rottenator.
  • Absence does not necessarily make the heart grow fonder...I'm looking at you, Nooge.
  • Speaking of the Rottenator and the Nooge, they have a whole routine going on behind my back which I was unaware of until today:

My cellphone camera sucks, so click to enlarge

 You may not be able to see it clearly, but there are angry and demanding cat eyeballs focused in on the Rottenator.  I wonder if he can feel the heat from the lasers shooting flames into his brain.  Apparently this happens every day around 11am if someone's routine is disrupted by stupid important and necessary online football games.
  • I also found out today that the Nooge is deathly afraid of farts and will sprint from the room in a panic when he hears one.  In unrelated news, I made a huge pot of delicious chili today that I have eaten about three huge bowls of.
  • My sister has eerie powers.  She recently experienced a traumatic kickball related incident which resulted in her faceplanting into the ground so hard her boobs are now coming out of her back.
Not an actual pic of my sister

Her powers are not her new backboobs, her power is that the force of her impact caused the menstrual cycles of millions of women everywhere to spontaneously erupt at once.  It's a proven fact. There are at least two known recorded cases.

If you are among the formerly bloated and cranky many, she would like me to extend a "you're welcome" on her behalf.

Have I mentioned that I am very tired and travel wearied today and dreading tomorrow?  If not, I think this pic speaks for itself.

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  1. I think that is amazing that an actor would take the time to write such a caring letter to a fan. I think I should print out the letter and consider it my own.

    Do you really hate your cat? Or is only pretend loathing like my relationship with UB? I came home tonight and he sprinted out the door even though he is not allowed out after dark. The joke was on him though because it is pouring rain and now he wants back in. All in good time you ungrateful bastard! ha ha

  2. I appreciate you confirming that is not an actual picture of me. Although, it probably could be. Excuse me while I experiment with my bra straps.


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