Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Curse

And no, for once, I am not talking about my monthly "troubles", I'm talking about my jinx...which I guess could also be considered my monthlies, but I digress.

I am not a sports player, nor necessarily an all-around sports fan.  In fact, I didn't really learn to appreciate college football until about three years ago, when the Rottenator barged into my life.

However, I have been known to follow a sports figure or team now or again.  Jim Courier comes prominently to mind.  Have you ever heard of him?  He's a tennis player, he won a few Opens, probably could have won a grand slam, all four Opens in the same year, but he never did.  Know why?  Because I became a fan.  He retired soon after.  A loser.

The list is long of the teams, actors, actresses, athletes, bands, all who have ended up losing that cherished trophy or broken up because I suddenly developed an interest in them.

I'm pretty sure I single-handedly brought down the entire genre of Brit Pop.  You're either welcome, or I'm sorry.  Whichever fits.

So this brings me to this weekend.  Normally, I am an Alabama fan.  Luckily, they seem immune to my curse so far but I think that's mostly due to the Rottenator and his undying life-long love for them.  His powers far outreach my own when it comes to things like that.  He is the Yoda to my Obi-Wan.  Thank God.  Because they are looking unstoppable so far this year...knock on wood. For the love of God.

The Gamecocks...not so much.

I attended my first college football game yesterday, at my sister's alma mater, the University of South Carolina.  The Gamecocks.  They have been having a really good season this year, with the exception of the past two weeks where they lost a nail-biter to LSU, and a smackdown by Florida.  But, this weekend, they were playing at home, against the Tennessee Volunteers, and it was pretty much a given that they were going to win.

Which they did...barely...but not without a great deal of damage.

This is Marcus Lattimore.

He is an amazingly talented running back for Carolina.  He practically wins most of their games for them by himself.

This is Marcus Lattimore yesterday, during the game that I attended.  I'm not saying that I'm bad luck or anything but I'm freakin' bad luck!  Well, I can at least take solace in the fact that I'm not the WORST luck, because if that were the case, then I would have taken out Jadaveon Clowney too and the entire season would have been a wash, but as it is, Tennessee has far worse luck than even I can conflict on a team, so they ended up fumbling in the last few minutes of the game, and Carolina ended up winning.

Though I do have a fondness for Tennessee's coach, Derek Dooley.  And losing that game yesterday probably cost him his job.

Oh God.

That being said, the Rottenator and I had a really good time.  And here are the pics to prove it!  And no, it didn't rain.  Yet as cloudy as it was, I ended up with a sunburn.  Yes, I am the palest girl on the planet.  However, now, I am a bonafide redneck.

The Rottenator...and a handsome young man in an Atari shirt

Cocky!  Yes, that is his name
Hootie!  A proud USC alumnus
My hair is pulled back yet still frizzy.

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  1. At least you don't kill people. RIP Raul Julia. Marcus will be ok. He's a good kid and will go on to do something great, even if it's not football.


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