Sunday, October 7, 2012

Maybe later...

I'll feel up to writing a real post but until then, brief update:

  • Things are going well; very well.  New car, new cell phone, new washer and dryer, work is okay, new license, got my nails did, the Nooge is still driving me crazy, the Rottenator is as well, and I'm okay with being 41.  In fact, I'd forgotten about turning 41...until now.  Dammit.
  • I went to Carowinds with my sis and her fam last weekend for my niece's birthday.  It was SOOO much fun, and I'm stealing a photo from her site to show just how much fun I had:
Me and Vic
I need to see the dentist
Could I be any toothier?
Incidentally,  I rode EVERY rollercoaster, something I never would have done 100 lbs ago and I found out that I LOVE it.  It's addicting...and with me having an addictive personality...well, let's just say there are worse things to be addicted to.
I did manage to convince my sister onto one rollercoaster and it was all fun and games til we saw the pictures.  You know the ones that they snap of you at certain points of the ride?  Well, let's just say that while my sister and I felt like this as we were riding the coasters:
The reality was much more like this:
And this:
Needless to say...we passed on purchasing the pics.

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  1. 41? You're still almost a child! :)
    And BTW - I've just spent a fortune to have teeth like yours. (Well - to have any kind of teeth was actually the plan.)

    And you'll never get me on a roller coaster. Ever. So well done.

  2. Oh my God, that is EXACTLY what we looked like!!! I had a blast. Next time I WILL ride more rides. I swear.


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