Sunday, June 3, 2012

All Together Now...


Yes, I'm afraid I've become "that girl", you know the one?  The Crazy Cat Lady who posts pics of their kitten's every move and has framed glamour shots of it covering the walls of her cubicle at work.

Yeah, I definitely see that in my future.

In other me news, I would totally get a new job every day if it meant receiving fantabulous gifts like this all the time.

Thanks to the Mom for the Piggybank...perhaps one day I will actually have some pennies to put into it.  J'adore.

This weekend went by really quickly, no?

How I'm feeling today:

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  1. I have ambitions to become a crazy cat lady. I write numerous posts about my cats. My old blog used a picture of my cat in the header.

    Now crazy cat lady I understand but crazy cat men is just creepy.


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