Sunday, August 25, 2013

When Worlds Collide...

Rottenator: I can't believe you're missing the first day of football because of a stupid convention.

Me: It's not a stupid convention; it's DragonCon; it's a chance for me to reconnect with my peeps and indulge my inner geek.

Rottenator: I can't believe (bro-in-law) is going; he's going to miss his first game of the season too. Against Clemson...pretty important.

Me: He's not missing it; he's ditching us for the night so he can watch his game.

Rottenator: Don't blame him; probably he wouldn't be going at all if (nephew) didn't want to go; otherwise, he'd let you two nerds (me, and sis) fend for yourselves.

Me:  Touché...asshole...


My Mood(Ring) Tone of the Day:

I'm feeling very British and literary today...


  1. Ooh let me know how that feels because I've never felt British at all!!

    Isn't "Touché...asshole..." French? :D

  2. @LL Cool Joe: Good point; I should have said
    "Touché le asshole, that would have been French; I think I still deserve points for the Kate Bush shout out. She is an often forgotten British diva...;-)

  3. Touché...asshole...(then you throw a football that beans off his head)

    That would have made the scene perfect.

  4. I don't get football fanatics...haven't been to DragonCon, or any Con though. My stepmom goes to a quilting convention that she calls Quiltacon.


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