Sunday, March 17, 2013


This is my daddy...

This is my niece...

We always debated over where Victoria got her spectacular blue eyes from, and that unique impish expression, and finally have photographic proof.

Genetics are a hell of a thing.  I miss my dad; it's been nearly 20  years since he passed away of "the cancer" (always said in a whisper) and I still think about him constantly.  How things would be different.  And how he would love his grandchildren, especially that little supastah up there.

My nephew turned 11 years old yesterday, and my mom and I travelled to my sister's house to celebrate this momentous occasion.

This is the birthday boy:

Yet I remember him when he was like this:

And even younger.  Man, I'm old.

This kid is awesome, btw. All of my sister's kids are.  Thank God she had some to carry on the family line because I sure as hell wasn't going to.

I can barely handle a Nooge and a Rottenator.

Such is life.

My sister, btw, is a cupcake genius.  Check out these badboys:

And they were delish. The Rottenator and I are on a budget to save up for a second car so currently I am no longer concocting delicious dishes (unless you count Hamburger Helper or Beans and Rice as delish, and why would you) so I am living vicariously through the sis's creativity.

And am massively impressed.

Meanwhile, it's St. Paddy's (not Patty's) Day and to honor my forefathers, here are my Mood Ring(tones) Of The Day:  (and oh yes, there are more than a few...)

And who could forget...

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  1. I feel like this was a test to see if I've been reading, and I failed. I've gotten hooked on Pinterest again, and in my defense, I haven't even updated my own blogs in 3 months. So, anywho, thank you for the cupcake compliment. Also, Jesus H. Christ, I knew Victoria was my payback child, but I'm convinced Daddy just reincarnated himself into my child just to give me back the shit I gave him. This seems unfair since I only had 6 years to give it to him, but payback is a bitch I suppose. And now I need to compose something to recognize the fact that my oldest child just turned 11 so he doesn't feel ignored.


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