Sunday, September 9, 2012

Boo! On Many Different Levels...

First off, that whole passing tests and doing well at my job experiment?  Yeah, well, no one informed my brain of the decision to continue with this mission, so yeah, I failed my test.  By one freakin' question.  Just one more correct guess, and I would have been like Proactive: useless, but managing to just barely slide under the radar enough so that my incompetence wouldn't be noticed.  Good for him.

Retest in two weeks; at least this time I'll know a little more about what to study even without the help of my evil heifer of a trainer.  Much like last time.  So, not much has changed. Only now, I'm a failure.

Which was confirmed by a recent motivational message posted at my job:


Whatever.  I'm tired.  One thing that is not a failure of an experiment:

Verdict: cute and delicious: like me! Despite outward appearances.

Another discovery: the Nooge has proven not to be useless (though still a nuisance as he is currently chewing through the power cord of my laptop): he is a fearless roach trapper.  I would say killer, but he loses interest about halfway through his mission, which is when I swoop in and trap the hideous monster (no, not my kitten, the other one) in a tissue and flush it down the toilet with only a minimum of hysterical shrieking.

Teamwork, we has it!  I would insert a picture of said dead roach here, but that would entail me stopping my panic long enough to snap a photo and that would entail even more shrieking, so you'll just have to imagine it.

**I started this post about two weeks ago; not much has changed except work is still sucking, I really need to go to the dentist, and my house is even dirtier than it was two weeks ago. I'm in a funk, and not in a cool. Funkytown kinda way. I miss having friends.  I miss going to nice restaurants and trying new foods, and seeing movies and watching interesting television shows and discussing them ad nauseum. I miss spending time with people I have common interest with, not people who try to support me in my interests, and hobbies, but deep down, don't "get them"...or me. I'm tired of eating at restaurants with buffet, corral, or barrel in their names and gagging down mediocre or outright disgusting "food". I'm tired of feeling middle-aged, though I guess I technically am.

Yes, first world problems, I have them. Or the birthday blues. Whatever.  Oh, and I'm tired of hearing "things could be worse".  Yeah, I know, I remember, I was there.

Things could also be better.

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