Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Rosalyn Thomas

It's so fucking weird I didn't even know her in real life and this is the first time that the "passing" of a "Facebook" friend has really gotten to me.

This chick was hilarious.  I checked on her status updates every time I was on Facebook; I emailed them to my sister.  She was amazeballs.

It is really bothering me, even though I never met her in real life, and only interacted with her occasionally online.

The world today...I love social media when it's good, that you can interact with people that you would never meet in a thousand lifetimes, but in another way I also hate it...because I do feel real pain when it comes to the loss of this person.  That I didn't even know.


  1. Who was she? I love her picture. Do you know how she died? So young.

  2. @Birdie: I wish I knew; it's frustrating, I've reached out to her family to find out what happened, because I'm still left with no sense of closure, but no response. I just know that she was beautiful and hilarious in that inappropriate way we love.

  3. Hey I'm sorry. There is, I think, a way people have of connecting online (I don't do Facebook but I blog) where we somehow feel we can be more open or openly supportive.

  4. How sad, and yeah I get you and agree. I don't do facebook but one or two of my blogging buddies have died and it's awful.


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